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Client Testimonials
Anna 23 Hampshire

The staff have helped me greatly to improve my life skills, their support has allowed me to live a more independent lifestyle. They have helped me to find the best local day services, I currently attend Way Ahead Leisure Pursuits which I really enjoy. Primary Access has supported me with my goal to learn to drive. The staff have helped me to get access to specialists in automatic and mobility driving training NK driver training . The driving instructors here have a wide knowledge and experience of teaching people with physical or learning difficulties…


Feedback from Survey conducted by the Care Quality Commission in April 2019.

Is the Service Safe?


Relative of service user: “I have no concerns at all that (Name of Service User) is safe. They are in a safe environment I have never felt that their safety was an issue”.

Is the Service effective?


Relative of service user: “(Name of Service User) has made great progress since Primary Access became involved. They are now enjoying life and are much more relaxed”.

One health and social care professional said, “The staff have had to manage some difficult situations regarding peoples mental health. Where needed they have sought relevant support”.

Relative of service user:”The manager supported (Name of Service User) and me to attend hospital for dental treatment. They were with us all through the day. It really helped reduce the anxieties of (Name of Service User) and I had on the day”.

 Is the Service Caring?


Relatives and health and social care professionals were all very positive about the care provided.

Relative of service user: “I think the care is very good. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff and they know everyone so well. I am very reassured that (Name of Service User) is happy, contented and well cared for”.

Relative of service user: “Yes it’s a good service. (Name of Service User) gets out and about with support. They go shopping, to church, and to watch his favourite football team. It is important for us when (Name of Service User) moved area that they maintained their local links. The service supports them to do so every week which is very important”.

A health and social care professional said, “Staff try and empower people to meet their needs and dreams and further encourage them with regular praise”.

Is the Service Responsive?


Relative of service user: “I have never needed to complain. Any minor issues are dealt with very quickly”.

Relative of service user: “Never needed to make any type of formal complaint. If I have any issues I just pick up the phone and call them and it gets resolved”.

Is the Service Well-led?

Survey’s sent out by the Care Quality Commission showed that people were satisfied with the care and support received.

Staff  Team Member “Whatever we do, it is about promoting independence and giving people an excellent quality of life”.

Staff questioned reflected a positive culture was in place within the staff team, that they enjoyed working for the service. One member of staff said, “We all get on well and work well as a team”.